Three more H1N1 deaths reported in Malaysia
Sun, Aug 16, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA - Three more deaths from influenza A (H1N1) have been reported and all of them were among the high-risk group, said Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican.

The first was a 22-year-old man, who was obese, and the second was a 29-year-old man who suffered from valvular heart disease.

The third fatality was a 44-year-old woman with a history of asthma, who died of pneumonia.

The 22-year-old man died of viral pneumonia while the cause of death for the 29-year-old man was severe bronchopneumonia.

Dr Ismail said people with mild influenza symptoms were still visiting shopping complexes, travelling, working, going to school or taking public transports.

'The ministry found that many of them did not wear masks and those who did were healthy,' he said, urging those with influenza symptoms to stay home until they recovered.

Dr Ismail said antiviral treatment would only be given to three groups - those with influenza-like illnesses and showed risk factors, those with high fever (more than 38 degrees Celcius) for more than two days and those who tested positive for the virus.

'We want to clarify that the vaccine for influenza A is still not available yet while the one available in the market is for seasonal flu,' he said.



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