IM4U license plates launched in Malaysia

SUBANG JAYA - Fancy a "IM4U" number plate?

Now, vehicle owners can get one for themselves from next week after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced the IM4U vehicle registration numbers in conjunction with the 1Malaysia For Youth movement.

There will be 9,999 numbers up for grabs, with Najib getting the IM4U 11 number, as 11 is his favourite number.

"I hope the sale of the registration numbers can generate funds to support the IM4U activities," the prime minister said at the IM4U Reach Out Youth and Volunteerism Convention at Taylor's University here yesterday.

The Road Transport Department will handle the open bidding for 68 of the premium IM4U registration numbers.

The other numbers will be up for sale at a fixed price to be confirmed through the from March 10.

There is also no criteria over who is eligible for the registration numbers.

Meanwhile, Najib urged the youths to look beyond themselves and to commit to ideals that are bigger than themselves.

"This is beyond the colour of the skin. We can all contribute so much to society and I hope that the young will," he said in his speech.

With an exciting future for Malaysia ahead, he said that it would be brighter if the young join in through volunteerism.

"We've turned, changed and transformed the country and the best is yet to come.

"Volunteering is acknowledging that you are not only in the position to help yourself, but also the community.

"You may not get anything in return, but the sense of accomplishment that you have helped the community will certainly uplift your spirits," he said.

At the function yesterday, he launched the radio station IM4U FM107.9 which began broadcast yesterday morning.

The station will run test transmissions for the next two months and operate on a 60/40 Bahasa Malaysia and English language split.

IM4U FM will feature information on volunteer activities, updates on their 1Malaysia Volunteer Fund (DRe1M) fund and messages from 1Malaysia ambassadors.

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