Tourism Board orders closure of travel agency

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has ordered tour agency Tourist World Travel Services to close after receiving several complaints.

STB issued a statement today saying it had received an increasing number of complaints against Tourist World Travel Services since February last year.

Investigations carried out by STB against the agency found that it had engaged in business practices that violated the Travel Agents Act and Regulations.

STB first issued Tourist World Travel Services a notice of intent to revoke its Travel Agents Licence in July 2011.

It then invited the tour agency to show cause as to why its licence should not be revoked.

Tourist World Travel Services subsequently surrendered its Travel Agents Licence to STB on August 19 this year. Checks were conducted in the following weeks.

However, after a tip-off that the ex-agent was still offering travel products and services, a raid was conducted on Sept 16.

The ensuing case remains under investigation.

STB advises the public to be careful when engaging in any transaction. Those who wish to know more about licenced travel agents in Singapore can visit the Travel Related Users' System (TRUST) website at