Doomsday prophecy drives surge in one-way flight searches

Believers in the supernatural are flocking to two small villages in France and Turkey as the end of the Mayan Calendar nears on Dec 21, 2012, revealed travel search site Skyscanner.

One-way searches for flights to south of France are up 41 per cent in the week before the supposed doomsday date, as it is believed that the remote farming village of Bugarach in France offers an escape from any catastrophe that might strike.

The UK alone accounted for a 42 per cent increase in searches.

However, France is not the only place to see a surge in visitors who believe in the looming apocalypse. Sirince, a village in the Turkish Izmir Province, is also seeing flight searches up 30 per cent.

While some might believe that the end is nigh, others are continuing with their holiday plans, as the number of searches for flights after Dec 21 is the highest all year, said Skyscanner's regional director for Asia Pacific Mr Ewan Gray.

To cater to true Mayan Prophecy believers, one-way travel packages to these two towns are available for sale: One-way tickets to Perpignan, an hour's drive from Bugarach, in the week leading up to Dec 21 starts at $2,262, leaving from Singapore, while one-way flights to Izmir, an hour's drive away from Sirince, and starts at $1,061 from Singapore.

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