Teak, porcelain and history at The Majestic

Malacca has always been my favourite weekend getaway as it is just 1 hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Although I have gone there many times, I am never bored of this historical city, as it has many attractions - from sightseeing to shopping and eating.

This time I want to enjoy it with a big splash of luxury. My choice of accommodation is one of YTL grand properties - the Majestic Malacca. Located in the city centre, the hotel is quite hard to find at first. I am not familiar with these streets, which are mainly one-way. Making many wrong turns, I find myself going around in circles.

At last, I decide to switch on my Samsung Ativ Smart PC and it leads me via its GPS mapping system. It works incredibly well as it gives me the best route to the hotel. How silly of me for not thinking of it sooner.

Looks can be deceiving

Arriving at the destination which is also on view in my tablet PC, I see a two-storey classic Peranakan white bungalow house with green window panels.

At the doorstep, a handsome gentleman opens the door. "Welcome to Majestic Hotel Malacca," he greets me with a smile.

A Malay girl wearing a lovely Nyonya kebaya assists me at the reception counter for check-in while another girl, also in kebaya, hands me a steamy hand towel and a cool drink which refreshes me instantly.

The lobby's interior and furniture is that of several decades past, with teakwood fittings and intricate artwork and antiques. The floor too looks intricate as it is the old mansion's original porcelain flooring. The mansion dates back to the 1920s. Even the small bar near the lobby with wooden high chairs looks very old-fashioned.

What also catches my eyes are the large clear jars filled with sweets and colourful biscuits.

Impressive suite

I am ushered to my room located at a higher block which is connected to the back of the two-storey house.

When the suite door opens, I go "wow!" The sight of the room excites me because it is so spacious and there is this elegant clawfoot bathtub popular during the 1960s.

The bathroom is also very unique because of its open plan concept with wooden sliding doors in between the bathroom and the sleeping area - perfect for honeymooners.

I also adore the teakwood four-panel king-size bed that resembles a royal bed and I am sure that the mattress is soft and fluffy as it looks. The elegant decor as well as the timber flooring also gives the room a touch of luxury that's also very homely.

The writing table at the corner is useful for I can use the port provided to link my Samsung Smart PC to its keyboard and start checking my emails and connect with friends via the free Wi-Fi provided by the hotel.

The room is also equipped with a flat screen TV with satellite channels, mini bar, safe deposit box as well as tea and coffee-making facilities.

A night's rest at the super comfortable room is enough to fully recharge me the next morning. I wake up feeling lively, ready for the day's programme. I am set to join a historical walk arranged by the hotel.

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