A cinch to print from iPhone with wifi device

A WEB-ENABLED, or Wi-Fi, printer that supports direct printing from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, plus provide support for printing from the Cloud, is not only most convenient because it is untethered, but it is also likely to be what future home printers are all about.

Well, the future is here, in the form of the HP ePrint-enabled ENVY printer.

Print-wise, it is no different from any other tethered printer.

What is significant is that it makes printing so easy.

With new apps in the pipeline, more and more applications can print via printers like the ENVY.

And one would guess it is named such as there are very few, if any, of such printers around.

So, competitors would probably have to catch up fast - and remain envious, for now.

How much: $469

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