First images from S'pore-made satellite

By Lei Jiahui

THE image on the right was among the first few captured by the first Singapore-made micro-satellite that blasted into space on April 20.

It shows Singapore, with the red parts representing vegetation and the green parts representing concrete structures.

The image, among others, was unveiled to reporters at a press conference held at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) yesterday.

The satellite, called X-Sat, was fully developed and built by some 40 researchers and engineers from NTU and national defence-research institute DSO National Laboratories over a period of about 61/2 years.

It was launched in India, riding on a rocket owned by the Indian Space Research Organisation. The first set of images was received on May 5.

Associate Professor Low Kay Soon said that the images - which were captured at a height of 800km - can help scientists monitor soil erosion and environmental changes.

"This could be a useful database for future applications," added Prof Low, who is the director of NTU's Satellite Research Centre. The images are made possible by a remote sensing camera that is fitted onto the X-Sat.

A model of the X-Sat will be on display at Science Centre Singapore from tomorrow till June 27.

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