Simple-to-use multi-port switches

Home-Networking has never been easier, with the availability of multi-port switches to hook up a myriad of devices like computers, printers, storage media and gaming consoles.

Traffic-prioritisation technology optimises the connection speed for individual devices. And, most important of all, it's now largely plug and play, doing away with the need to navigate complicated set-up procedures.

Linksys has launched three simple-to-use and powerful switches which allow for faster and simpler wired connections. The SE1500 is a fast five-port Ethernet switch, and the SE2500 and SE2800 are even faster five- and eight-port Gigabit Ethernet switches, respectively.

The common features are plug-and-play, auto-sensing ports which optimise speed for each connected device, and auto power-down to disable unused ports.

How much: SE1500 five-port Ethernet switch ($39), SE2500 five-port Gigabit Ethernet switch ($69), SE2800 eight-port Gigabit Ethernet switch ($99).

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