Enjoy clean air anywhere

By Yeong Ah Seng

Devices which generate ions that are supposed to get rid of airborne germs and other nasty stuff have been around for quite a while.

Whether they are indeed helpful to one's health is pretty hard to tell, although studies on their benefits have been conducted.

So, before one starts talking about their usefulness, the basic premise to begin with is: It is a matter of personal experience and, largely, faith.

Sharp's ion generator is a small and portable device, which has a rechargeable battery that can last about eight hours when it is untethered from the mains.

The USB cable provided also allows the device to be charged via a computer.

Sharp claims that the device can break down and remove airborne allergens, mold, microbes, viruses, static electricity and odours - a tall order by any measure.

Sharp also suggests that there are beautifying effects on one's skin, citing a Japanese university study.

How much : $199

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