Singaporeans spend the most time on Facebook

Singaporeans are the global leaders for the longest time spent on Facebook.

According to an international analysis by Experian on the use of social network. Singaporeans spend an average of 38 minutes on the site.

Asia Pacific also showed dominance over other global geographies, with users spending a total average time of 116 minutes 5 secs on Facebook per session.

This is in comparison to a total average time of 82 minutes and 31 secs per session spent by users in UK, US, France and Brazil.

Facebook has managed to sustain its popularity with Singapore Internet users despite the emergence of Google+ this year.

Understanding the average time spent on Facebook illustrates the need for brands to be present on social networks.

Brands can increase the likelihood of capturing an individual's attention by rolling out digital marketing campaigns through Facebook once they have established their target audience's average duration on the site.

Singapore Internet users also showed more interest in YouTube, evidenced by a 3.24 per cent increase in share of visits between August 2010 and August 2011.