Prostitutes for hire on Facebook

Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular place to book prostitutes online.

"Malaysia No 1 Call Girl Service. 3C Agent: 012959****" is one of the pages set up to enable clients to hire girls from China, Thailand and Indonesia.

As of 7pm on Thursday, it had 2,080 "likes", reported Sinar Harian.

"Service will be provided only around Klang Valley. Please don't call us to confirm, we don't provide service in other countries, please cooperate,'' said a post on Thursday.

The website asked customers to check into a hotel, call the 3C Agent to request the type of girl wanted and make payment before the service is provided.

A reporter from the daily tried calling the number but it went unanswered.

Later that day the page owner wrote another post stating "We are full this month and too busy to entertain customers, we only take SMS."

The cost ranges from RM180 (S$73) to RM700 and clients can view the pictures of the women before purchasing.

Federal Criminal Investigation Department principal assistant director of anti-vice, gaming and secret society deputy director SAC Abdul Jalil Hassan said: "We are aware of the existence of the Facebook page. So far no one has been arrested for offering sex through the Internet," he added.