Batik maker jumps into digital age

BRUNEI - For the past five years, local batik maker Zainal Abidin Hj Ibrahim (pictured) is so far the only one in Brunei to venture into digital batik making where unlike traditional batik making, digital batik does not require hand-drawing or the molten wax process.

Zainal admits that there has been some debate on the authenticity of digital batik as it is not hand-drawn the traditional way.

"There is a movement away from traditional batik to digital batik, but some people debate about the orgininality of a digitally-made batik as the patterns are made through the computer, which is considered a machine," said Zainal.

Overriding such arguments, Zainal believes the step towards digital batik is just a revolutionary development of batik since its existence hundreds of years ago in Asia. Digital batik making has allowed Zainal's local batik business, Batik Desa Mas, to expand by being innovative using digital designs. Batik Desa Mas was formed in 2000, 12 years ago.

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