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SINGAPORE - Uncle Toh is not the first Singaporean to become an overnight celebrity. Others have become instant stars largely through videos which went viral online.

Chua Jin Sen, seven
You may know him as Dr Jia Jia. The Maha Bodhi Primary 1 pupil portrayed a minister explaining the Orchard Road floods and MRT breakdowns in the Singlish Minister YouTube clip he acted in with his elder brother, Jin Chou, 12.

The pair won the Best Video Blog prize at the Singapore Blog Awards last month. Jin Sen will also star in a new movie, Taxi! Taxi!, with Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee.

Mohammed Danial Norhazryn, seven
The Primary 1 pupil from Horizon Primary School played the lead role in a local version of South Korean rapper Psy's video, Gangnam Style.

The local video - Super Kancheong Style - was uploaded two months ago. It pokes fun at studying in Singapore with its lyrics about tiger mums and examination stress.

It showed Danial mimicking the signature dance move, and has been viewed almost 910,000 times.

Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong saw the video and said he enjoyed it.

Mr Yam Ah Mee, 55
Okay, so he didn't really get famous on YouTube. But the chief executive director of the People's Association became an overnight star after his monotone, straight-faced delivery of last year's General Election results on television.

YouTube remixes of him delivering the results were a hit with netizens.

TNP gave him the Boomz award last year, which is given to someone who became a household name overnight.

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