New Creation goes online for booking of service seats

Members queueing outside New Creation's previous venue in Suntec City.

FOR the past few Tuesdays, New Creation Church member Miracle Lim has gone online to book choice seats for Sunday services at a new venue in Buona Vista.

Services at The Star Theatre, which can seat 5,000 people, began on Dec 23 and the church is believed to be the first here to have such a seat-booking arrangement.

New Creation, with more than 25,000 members, said on its website that the new system will allow it to manage the crowd in "an orderly and effective manner".

Snaking queues used to be seen at the previous venue, The Rock Auditorium in Suntec City, which could accommodate 1,200.

Members can also go to three other venues, which do not require reservation of seats, and watch the service via a video feed.

But at the theatre, part of The Star Performing Arts Centre owned and managed by the church's business arm, they can watch their senior pastor preach in person and worship while the church band performs.

To reserve seats, members have to register for an account at New Creation's Online Access Hub, or Noah. A basic account allows each person to book a maximum of five seats.

Booking for the four Sunday services begins on Tuesdays at staggered timings. For example, members can log in from 8.30am to reserve seats for the 8.30am service, and from 11.30am for the 11.30am service.

To enter the theatre on Sunday, they will need to tap in using their access card, such as an ez-link card whose number had been used to book the seats.

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