DryWired demonstrates waterproof coating for mobile devices

The possibility of having every mobile device protected from water may soon be a reality if phone and tablet makers adopt DryWired's waterproof nano-coating solution.

Based in Los Angeles, startup company DryWired has a waterproof nano-coating solution (101X) that can be applied to any mobile device at the manufacturing level. The application be can done via three methods: dipping, spinning or spraying the partially assembled device. This makes the device waterproof not only on the outside, but also internally.

The waterproofing coating is also invisible to the human eye, as it is less than 50nm thin. A device coated with the DryWired 101X solution can be placed in water up to 1 metre in depth for up to an hour. Besides its waterproof capabilities, the coating is also:

- self-cleaning
- has strong oleophobic properties
- has extreme durability in harsh sunlight for up to 20 years
- UV/radiation resistant
- anti-corrosive

Once applied, the device is said to be waterproof for a lifetime. DryWired first demonstrated the products at CES 2013. For more information on its products, you can check out its website here. Below is a video demonstrating how an iPhone 4 coated with Drywired 101X is placed into a tank of water and remains usable after taking it out:

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