Sex, lies and videotapes
Sat, Feb 09, 2008

Other Asian personalities who have been embroiled in similar sex video/photo scandals.


Hoang Thuy Linh, 20
TV Actress

The 20-year-old Vietnamese was known for her squeaky clean image on the popular TV show Vang Anh's Diaries where she played an earnest high school girl determined to uphold virtues which promote women as soft-spoken and chaste.

Then, a 16-minute video hit the Internet on October 15, 2007, featuring Thuy Linh in bed with her former boyfriend, 21.

Both of them were apparently aware that they were on camera.

Much public wrath has been directed at Thuy Linh.

Result: Her TV show has been pulled off the air and her career, many say, is over.


Lu Ching, 35

Lu, an emerging Taiwanese starlet, admitted - amidst sobs - to having filmed popular TV host Peng Chia-chia naked in her apartment.

The 35-year-old was accused by Peng to have used the video to extort money from him.

This celebrity sex scandal led police to interrogate her and 10 others on their roles in his claimed payout of nearly S$2.5 million.

Lu claimed that she made the naked video of him last year to protect herself.

She said Peng, 49, a married man, had hounded her for a date for the past two years, and had once made her 'feel deeply hurt and humiliated'.

Result: She was sentenced to two years imprisonment in November 2007.


Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, early 20s

The young soap star in her early 20s became the centre of a scandal when a video showing her - or her lookalike - making love to her boyfriend was distributed on the black market in late 2006.

Ebrahimi, known for playing wise and morally upstanding characters, had vehemently denied being the woman in the film.

Result: In Iran, where social relations between the sexes are restricted, the scandal caused an outrage and could spell career suicide for the popular actress.

An investigation personally involving Tehran's hardline chief prosecutor, Mr Saeed Mortazavi, has been launched.


Chua Soi Lek, 62
Ex-Malaysian politician

Earlier this year, the former Malaysian Health Minister was videotaped through four hidden cameras having sex with a personal "friend" in a hotel room.

The sex DVDs were then distributed throughout various cities in Malaysia.

Result: Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek stepped down from his ministerial position after owning up to being the man in the steamy scenes.


Vanessa Hudgens, 18
TV actress

THE teen starlet of hit Disney TV movie High School Musical was at the centre of a nude photo storm last September .

An explicit nude photograph of Vanessa Hudgens was circulated around the internet.

The 18-year-old admitted that she had posed for the candid snap.

The actress' - who is half Filipino - admission was a shocking departure from the good girl image that she had cultivated.

Several reports predicted that the photo had put Disney - which takes pride in offering family-oriented entertainment - in an awkward position and that Hudgens, who also had a CD out, may find her career hitting a wall.

Result: Disney wanted to part ways with Hudgens and replace her role in High School Musical 3. However, it eventually decided to forgive her for her "lapse of judgement."


Chu Mei Feng, 41
TV News anchor

The ex-Taiwanese mayor was secretly filmed having sex with her married lover in her apartment. The video was then given away free by a Taiwanese magazine

Result: Contrary to the other celebrities above, Chu rose to fame due to this scandal.

Although she was forced to resign, she has since released a best-selling book and performed a solo concert here in Singapore to a soldout audience.

She is now the face of Macau Asian Satellite TV and charges an annual fee of S$1 million.


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