Tue, Feb 26, 2008
Lydia and her men

Before Lydia Sum died, she admitted that she was a person who would devote herself entirely to a relationship.

But she was no one man's woman.

Lianhe WanBao reported that besides her painful relationship with ex-husband Adam Cheng, she had three other rumoured boyfriends.

Besides ex-husband Adam Cheng, Lydia had had three other rumoured boyfriends. One of them was Singaporean host, Samuel Chong, her co-star in the local sitcom, Living with Lydia.

Rumoured boyfriend #1: Roman Tam

They first met when her "godbrother" Alan Tang, then an avid supporter of Roman, suggested that Lydia and Roman put on a  performance together on Roman's Singapore tour.

Roman and Lydia's first foray into the world of duets then in the 70s earned them much accolades. They were subsequently dubbed as the "lovers duet group".

Their onstage chemistry sizzled, which resulted in rumours that linked the both of them romatically.

"It's impossible to have nothing going on between them...they get on remarkably well", remarked a close friend of Lydia and Roman.

However, their camaraderie was short-lived when Lydia walked in on Roman's date with a man. Ever since then, any possibility of a relationship developing between the two stars was put to a halt.

During this time, both Lydia and Roman were asked to further their careers in Japan. Lydia expressed reluctance as she wanted to concentrate on hosting her variety show programme in Hong Kong. This left Roman to leave for Japan alone.

Two years later, the"lovers duet group" was officially disbanded. Lydia took the route of a comedian and Roman continued on with a successful singing career.

Good friends after 'breaking up'

 They would often bump into each other on film sets after their group disbanded. Although they never worked with each other anymore, both still showed concern for each other.

In 1996, Roman bowed out of the entertainment circle. However, he still continued to support Lydia at her 40th anniversary concert, shedding wells of tears onstage. Even at his deathbed, he admitted that the person whom he wanted to see most was Lydia. Lydia herself never got over Roman's death.

At the end of 2007, when Lydia's life was in danger following her surgery, her daughter Joyce was heard begging Roman not to take Lydia away and to protect Lydia.

Rumoured boyfriend #2: Bill Tung 

He was her co-star in the movie "It's a mad, mad world" and its subsequent sequels. In addition to acting as an onscreen couple, Bill often played counselor to Lydia as she faced one of the unhappier moments of her life. As a result, both became good friends.

Bill was a man who had plenty of luck with the ladies. In addition to his first wife, he had three other wives and one other 'bosom buddy'.

Lydia was reportedly attracted to Bill's charm during the filming of "It's a mad, mad world."

However, any development between Bill and Lydia stopped when the above-mentioned 'bosom buddy' and Singaporean host Samuel Chong respectively stepped into their lives.

Rumoured boyfriend #3: Samuel Chong

In 2001, Lydia had come to Singapore to film the sitcom 'Living with Lydia'. At that time, there were rumours of her and Singaporean host Samuel Chong being romantically involved. Lydia was Samuel's senior by 11 years.

Most people in the entertainment circle knew that Lydia preferred tall and skinny men, much like her ex-husband Adam Cheng. As such, it was no big surprise that she would fall for Samuel.

Samuel allegedly wooed Lydia ferociously, following her from Singapore to Hong Kong and Canada.

After much persistence, Samuel reportedly won her heart.

However, both Samuel and Lydia claimed that they were just good friends. Lydia said the traditionalist in her would never allow her to date a much younger man.


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