Wed, Oct 22, 2008
Sex party fave after sex photo scandal

HONG KONG - Rachel Ngan, one of the actresses embroiled in the Edison Chen sex photo scandal, was photographed attending an bikini/underwear party thrown at a Hong Kong mansion.

In January, photos of Edison Chen in sex photos with Rachel, Gillian Yeung, Cecilia Chung and other Hong Kong actresses were leaked on the Internet. The once popular TV star's career has since stalled, and she has been avoiding the Hong Kong media.

In the middle of the year, she underwent an image overhaul, dressed more conservatively, cut her hair short and started taking classes at the Hong Kong University Space Community College. She continued to model part-time during her studies, and some said that she was invited to a number of sexy parties and dinners due to her notoriety over the sex photos scandal.

A few days ago, reporters from Hong Kong magazine "Dong Fang Xin Di" got a tip off that Rachel Ngan was attending one of the events. The magazine photographed her at a lavish party along with many other attractive and scantily clad women.

According to Shin Min Daily, on Oct 18, about 5pm, Rachel met a woman holding a sign printed with the words "SHEK-O HOUSE PARTY" at the Hong Kong Central subway station.

After exchanging brief words with the woman in a business like manner, she went to a nearby ATM to check her account, but did not withdraw any cash. She then bought a coffee from Starbucks before returning to wait near the woman.

Other girls soon arrived at the station, and they boarded a white SUV together. The car circled the area to ensure they were not being followed before proceeding to a bunglow in one of the posh seaside residential areas in Hong Kong.

Photos from the party

They stopped at a bungalow where five or six men in beach wear had gathered. They looked in their mid-thirties, and had driven there in BMWs and Ferraris. They were of various nationalities and conversed in English. The reporter frequently overheard terms such as "hot model".

As the party started, loud hip hop music started playing, and many of the party goers stripped to their underwear. The atmosphere was like an exclusive club with DJs, flashing lights and large amounts of alcohol being served.

The women at the party wore either bikinis or revealing underwear. After having a few drinks with the party goers - all men who went topless - they became physically intimate, in turn hugging, rubbing against and chasing each other around the compound.

Later in the night, the lights dimmed and reporters saw the girls whispering into the ears of the party goers, and leading them to various corners of the residence. Reporters also saw what appeared to be drugs in the form of mineral water served at the party. After drinking the "mineral water" guests generally looked dazed and collapsed on the sofas.


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