Mon, May 25, 2009
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Dating? Not us, say Taiwanese rock duo Y2J


ARE they or aren't they?

Rumours have been rife that Taiwanese rock duo Y2J - singers Yuming Lai and Jane Huang, the winner and fellow contestant of popular Taiwanese singing contest One Million Star 2 - are dating. Those began as early as two years ago when they broke out as a duo in 2007.

But the two say that the chatter is baseless.

"It's a rumour - and that's all it is," said Huang, 26, adding that neither is dating anyone at the moment.

Lai, 24, said: "I'm still waiting.

Right now I haven't had any opportunities to meet anyone because I've been busy with work."

Huang added: "If we felt that we were ready for a partner, we might (date) in secret."

The pair, both clad in goth-styled gear that included leather and chains, were in town to perform at Lunar: Asian Fusion Bar at Clarke Quay last Wednesday.

They performed hits from their debut album, Live For You, at the hour-long concert, which attracted a crowd of more than 500.

The couple, who are signed on to Universal Music, were in town last November to promote their album. They had performed an exclusive showcase, also at Lunar.

Y2J, whose name is made up of their initials and the number of people in their band, is the first male-female Chinese rock duo in the Chinese music industry.

They say it isn't easy paving a path entirely their own.

"The difficulty lies in not knowing how to present the feel of our band; we never know how audiences are going to react.

There are no other bands to model ourselves after," said Huang.

Still, the duo have been nominated for the prestigious Best Performing Group award at the 20th Golden Melody Awards 2009. Dubbed the Grammys of Taiwan, the ceremony will take place on June 27.

Huang and Lai are also recording their second album, which they said will strive for more upbeat numbers. The album is set for release later this year.

Asked for his thoughts on Singapore, Lai said: "Singapore's got good food, it's hot, and the air-conditioning everywhere is really cold."


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