Wed, Jun 03, 2009
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Taiwan's Fantastic Four

by Rachel Chan

BANDS in today's pop world usually make headlines for bickering among themselves.But not Taiwanese group Super Band (or Zong Guan Xian, as they are known to their Chinese fans).

Comprising four Taiwanese music heavyweights - Lo Ta-you, 54, Jonathan Lee, 50, Wakin Chau, 48, and Chang Chen-yue, 34 - the band's members make sweet music together, they told reporters at a press conference on Sunday on board an MRT train that left from Bishan station.

"Jonathan is Boss, Ta-you is Big Brother, A-yue (Chang) is The Little One, and I'm Middle Level," Chau said with a hearty chuckle when asked who has the biggest say within the band.

As for Lee, he's learning a lot from other band members as they combine their talents to write songs together.

"A-yue wrote most of Fugitives," said Lee, referring to their first single, released last December.

"He's taught me new stuff about the relationship between words and rhythm." Chang, known for the rock and hip-hop vibes in his music, works the drums, while Lo - who's dubbed the father of Taiwanese pop - is the keyboardist.

Famed producer Lee plays the guitar and Chau, who has recorded more than 40 solo albums over a 23-year career, is the vocalist.

The band, which was formed last year, will be here for a concert on July 18 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The foursome have not yet released an album, but they have written seven new songs, which their Singapore audience will get to hear at their gig here. An album is expected to come out later this year.

Members will also perform signature solo hits at their show here.

Their combined star power is impressive - about 1,500 members of the public thronged Bishan Interchange on Sunday to catch a glimpse of the four celebrities.

Ms Stephanie Chow, a Chinese- American California resident who was on a trip to Singapore, headed to the press conference as soon as she touched down at Changi Airport.

"I think the song Fugitives is catchy," said Ms Chow, who started the Wakin Chau international fanclub mailing list 13 years ago.

Another fan, Mr Lewis Lo, 29, an engineer, said: "I grew up listening to their music. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see them perform on the same stage."

The Super Band Singapore Concert will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on July 18 at 8pm. Tickets are
$118, $138, $158 and $178, from Sistic (tel: 6348-5555 or www.sistic.com.sg).

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