Mandopop Super Band thrills audience with rock songs and classic hits
Mon, Jul 20, 2009
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By Joy Fang

WHAT: Super Band Singapore Concert 2009
VENUE: Singapore Indoor Stadium
WHEN: Last Saturday, 8.30pm

THEY came, they sang, they conquered.

It was a full-on rock-out extravaganza at the Super Band (better known as Zong Guan Xian) gig, as 8,000 people, including Mrs Goh Chok Tong - wife of the Senior Minister - and Singaporean film-maker Jack Neo, were treated to the band's first Singapore concert.

The Taiwanese supergroup, comprising Lo Ta-you, 54; Jonathan Lee, 50; Wakin Chau, 48; and Chang Chen-yue, 34, were in town last Saturday for a one-night gig.

That concert was part of their world tour and, boy, did they prove their mettle, wowing with their effortless chemistry and singing prowess.

Emerging onstage in matching white, sequinned trench coats and white pants, with each wielding a musical instrument, the guys set the tone of the show immediately with high-energy rock songs.

The foursome certainly aren't known as musical giants for no reason - each delighted the crowd with solo performances of his own tunes.

Lo and Lee's raspy yet passionate vocals, Chang's soulful and boyish voice, and Chau's smooth and soaring sweetness offered the audience a thrilling experience of having four stylistically- different singers under one roof.

During set breaks, the singers' camaraderie was entertaining to watch as well, with the members taking jibes at each other's popularity and age.

When Chau introduced himself and said, "Hi everybody, I'm Wakin Chau", Lee immediately quipped, "Hi everybody, I'm not Wakin Chau!"

Still, the 2hour, 45min performance really kicked to life only in the second half, when the group sang acoustic renditions of classic old tunes such as Lo's Childhood and Love Song 1990.

With just the four guys and their guitars, it was the best part of the show, with the crowd clapping, waving their arms and singing along with gusto.

For civil servant Clarissa Koh, 23, the old-timers did not disappoint.

Qualifying that they should not try to be young rock stars, she felt that they were much more in their element when performing "familiar" songs.

Clinical assistant Aileen Siow, 41, called the show "fantastic" and the group "the real thing".

"They have such good songs and great voices," she said. It's no wonder, then, that the crowd were still lingering for more, long after the two-song encore.



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