Ladies in waiting
Wed, Aug 05, 2009
Daily Xpress/Asia News Network

He won fans all the over the West for his portrayal of Nicolas Cage's sidekick in the Hollywood remake of the Pang brothers' "Bangkok Dangerous" and now Shahkrit "Krit" Yamnarm is returning to the Thai screen with a leading role in Avant's new ghost drama "Fan Kao" ("My Ex").

"It isn't hard for people to get a picture of the main character," says director Piyapan "Tom" Choopetch. "Krit doesn't have as much of a reputation as a womaniser as some Thai actors, though of course there have been rumours linking him with several actresses. Personally, I think he's a good guy and a great actor."

In the movie, Shahkrit plays Ken, a hot actor who is known for changing his girlfriends as often as his socks.

The man's ladies

The ladies in his life are portrayed by Girly Berry member Wanida "Gybzy" Temthanaporn who plays up-and-coming actress Ploy, Navadee "Aom" Mokkhavesa, who portrays politician's daughter Meen, and Atthama "Bowie" Cheevanichpan, who's cast as Bo, a university student.

"The movie title kind of forms the basis of the film: how should he behave if his ex-girlfriend came back into his life," says the director. "Are her intentions good or bad?"

In Ken's case, they are probably bad, as the ex-girlfriend in question is dead and it's her ghost that's back in his life.

But Piyapan isn't giving any clues as to which of the three ladies is doing the haunting. "I think the audience will enjoy the mystery as much as the drama," he says. "If the ex girlfriend is still alive, she can't follow her lover all the time and everywhere."

Does he have a special message he'd like to convey to moviegoers with this film.

"I'd like all couples to love and look after each other. This movie will explain what will happen if lovers aren't honest with each other."

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