Tabitha Nauser

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SHE turns only 18 in a week, so it's no surprise that Tabitha Nauser says she's much too young to think about love.

"I want to do so many things before I settle down!" said the Singapore Idol 3 third-runner-up.

The Republic Polytechnic student has been busy juggling schoolwork and public appearances at community shows and corporate events ever since the local reality singing competition endedin December.

She says she's never actually had a serious relationship, though not for lack of opportunity.

Tabitha - whom we nominated for Babe Of The Year in The New Paper's annual Flame Awards last year - says she's been asked out by a number of guys but has either turned them down or decided not to pursue the relationship.

Flowers and teddy bears given to her on previous Valentine's Days have also been rejected.

"I just don't think that I'm ready for the kind of commitment that a relationship requires," she said.

She may be ready, though, to seriously think about love after she's done with school in 21/2 years.

But even when she is, she has no idea what kind of guy she'll be looking for.

"I'm the kind of person who goes through phases. I had my indie boy phase, my Wentworth Miller-esque phase, so who knows what kind of guy I'll be into years from now!" she said.

But she realised that those who usually catch her eye are clean-cut, buff and very confident. Her penchant for buff boys made her drool a little over JJ Lin's pecs, but she's not sure if she'd be comfortable dating someone who spends too much time on his hair.

"Egos are not attractive at all," she said.

PERSONAL AD: "Sentimental but extroverted puppy-lover seeks tall, buff guy who appreciates food, loves dogs and has passion for travelling and music."

LOVE WATCH 2010: A passionate, amorous time for Monkeys! Singles, rest assured that you will not stay
lonely for a long time. But you might want to do some travelling to increase your chances of meeting your other half.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Dragon, Monkey,Ox

CHALLENGING WITH: Horse, Tiger, Snake

JJ Lin

Photo: Ocean Butterflies Music

WHEN you have a job like JJ Lin's, perhaps love has to take a backseat.

Speaking to us over the phone from Taipei where he is currently based, the boyish 28-year-old singer-songwriter
recalled previous failed relationships where he found himself unable to reciprocate the feelings of his other partners.

"They were so sweet, so willing to give all the time," he said with a sigh.

"It hurt me. Because of my hectic schedule, I couldn't give back the same amount of time and affection.

"I have to admit, love is not high on my list of priorities," said the career-oriented JJ.

"This year, other than work, I hope to focus on giving more attention to my family and friends.

"Of course, that said, I won't reject a potential date if she happens to come into my life."

JJ,who was named Top Local Artiste Of The Year at last year's Compass Awards, is relishing his bachelor status.

"When you're single, you tend to treasure your buddies more," he said, chuckling.

"You realise that your guy friends are very important to you."

Being passionate is a Rooster characteristic he totally identifies with.

"Passion, that's how I view life. It drives me, be it at work, or how I treat my loved ones."

And he has no qualms dating Singapore Idol 3 finalist Tabitha Nauser, a Swiss-Indian hottie who's born in the year of the Monkey.

"Mixed-heritage girls are sexy," he said.

"They tend to be more outspoken than Chinese girls.

"I appreciate that, as I can be a little shy at times. Their little touch of directness would definitely help our

PERSONAL AD: "Looking for an independent girl with dreams and stories to share."

LOVE WATCH 2010: Single Roosters will find it tough to find someone they like on their own. You'd have better luck getting family and friends to introduce a potential mate into your life.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Snake, Dragon,Ox

CHALLENGING WITH: Rabbit, Rooster, Dog

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