Candice Cai
Thu, Mar 11, 2010
'I did not mean to hurt anyone'

Misunderstood: 'My intentions were not out of malice'

Asked if she would still attend the same church, Foyce said she has not been going to church or her cell group.

"My pastor and the pastor's wife have called me several times, but I never picked up."

They told her, "if you need help, if you need someone to talk to, please tell us, we are always there for you".

Foyce said she felt 'misunderstood' by some people in church.

"Some people in church were on Jack's side. They misunderstood my intentions when I spoke up about the matter, and wondered why I was 'rubbing salt in the wound' just when our pastor was trying to get Jack and Irene's relationship back on track."

She continued, "but I believe those who know me will know that my intentions were not out of malice".

>> 'I did not mean to hurt anyone'

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