Thu, Jul 15, 2010
AsiaOne speaks to David Beckham
AsiaOne speaks to David Beckham
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By Angelina Dass

Few of us get the chance to meet an international celebrity as well-known as David Beckham, former captain of the England football team and marketing phenomenon.

Well, AsiaOne got the chance to enjoy the next best option - meeting Mr. Beckham on Wednesday via a Yahoo! news conference attended by 600 million online visitors from all over the world.

What's more, AsiaOne's question was the only one from Singapore answered by the football star. Our question was chosen by David Beckham and his team from eight other questions submitted by local media.

And we decided to go with...

Does American rapper Snoop Dogg truly get David Beckham's advice on his albums?

Mr. Beckham spoke candidly about this unlikely friendship and how it flourished during his stay in the US, where he is currently playing football with MLS Galaxy.

Said D Beck - a nickname given to him by Posh Spice after Snoop called his name boring, "I heard this the other day and yes it's true.

American rapper Snoop Dogg

"Since we moved to LA (Los Angeles), we've become friends funnily enough (and) he's a big football fan. He loves Manchester United of course.

"He called me about ten days before his last album came out and he invited me to the studio to listen each track, he asked my opinion and I said I loved everyone of them."

Would he admit it to Snoop if he did not like the album?

"No! Because he has two huge bodyguards!".

Their friendship has even resulted in the MLS Galaxy football star teaching Snoop's children football in an episode of the reality TV show, "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood".

David Beckham's wife Victoria Beckham.

"I made Victoria fall in love with me by giving her more wine"

In the web chat, the former Manchester United star also shared his love story with his singer-turned-fashion-designer wife, Victoria Beckham or Posh Spice of the pop group, The Spice Girls.

"Our manager Simon Fuller is a huge Man United (Manchester United) fan and he also managed the Spice Girls. Mel C (of The Spice Girls) is a Liverpool fan and he brought Mel and Victoria to a game.

"I heard Victoria was there and I really liked Posh Spice at the time. I was really shy, said hello to Simon Fuller and waved to Victoria from across the room.

David Beckham (left) with his wife, Victoria Beckham.

"Then, I was watching TV and there was a Spice Girls video on and I said (to Manchester United star Gary Neville): 'See the girl in the dark, short dress? I'm going to marry her.'"

He said he nearly missed his chance with the singer-songwriter when she turned up at Old Trafford and thought she was stalking him!

"She was in the players lounge and we started talking, she'd had a bit to drink and we exchanged numbers.

"I made her fall in love with me by giving her more wine! We kept it quiet for three months and I'd drive down to London to see her. 11 years of marriage on and three beautiful boys and it worked.

"The first three months were great, keeping it quiet wasn't easy, I wasn't as well known as her and having Posh Spice in your car was difficult.

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