Teresa Teng tribute
Wed, Sep 29, 2010

By Elrica Tanu

Taiwanese songbird Teresa Teng may have passed away in 1995, but the world still remains enamoured of her.

She made it to CNN's list of top 20 global music icons last month, alongside Michael Jackson, Madonna and Leslie Cheung. Teng was also voted the most influential cultural icon by an online poll in China last year, beating Faye Wong and Jay Chou.

In Singapore, a tribute concert to her at Singapore Expo drew more than two thousand fans who sang along to her greatest hits.

Local karaoke chain K Box holds more than 300 of her songs, two of which are on its top 100 all-time hits list. The Moon Represents My Heart and Tian Mi Mi are 42nd and 78th respectively on the list, which includes songs from contemporary Mandopop singers like David Tao and A-Mei.

What is Teresa Teng's timeless appeal? RazorTV investigates.





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