HK diva Jenny Tseng sings goodbye
Tue, Jan 25, 2011
New Straits Times

By Wendy Wong

FLAMBOYANT diva Jenny Tseng, whose career spanned nearly four decades, enthralled fans at the Jenny Tseng Love Show Farewell World Tour at the Arena Of Stars for two nights recently. The tour started in Hong Kong in May last year. At age 57, Tseng still looks and sounds good and is as bubbly as ever. Even a shoulder injury sustained recently did not deter her from putting up a great show. (She had fractured her right shoulder in a collision with a trolley at the Hong Kong airport on arrival from the United States and the bruise could be seen on her upper arm).

She removed her arm sling for the concert and even though she was in pain, she told the audience: "As long as I have your encouragement and support, and have all of you singing along with me, I will do my very best and put the pain behind me." The gorgeous Tseng, of Austrian and Chinese parentage, was born in Macau. She began her career when she was 17 and released her debut album in 1971. She has performed seven sold-out concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum and has won The Best Female Singer award at the Taiwan Golden Bell Awards in 1981 and The Most Popular Female Singer award at the Hong Kong Jade Solid Gold Best 10 Music Awards Presentation in 1984. Tseng is also a successful entrepreneur and has acted in several films in the 1970s and 1980s. She now spends most of her time developing an organic farm in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The powerhouse songstress opened the show with Jiao Dao (Country Road) and Ming Wan (Fate) on a raised stage. She even joked that "I better talk only when I reach the bottom of the stage as it would not be so nice if I tumble down".

Tseng was dressed in a short body hugging white sequinned dress with a white fur coat. After addressing the fans, she removed her fur coat, much to the delight of the screaming crowd. She then belted out a medley of three fast Mandarin numbers, Wo Bu Zhi Wo Ai Ni (I don't know I love you), Dang Wo You Le Ni (Once I have you) and Ke Ai De Mei Gui Hua (Lovely Roses) with four sexy backup dancers presenting stalks of red roses to the audience.

When it was time to sing her famous theme song from the TVB drama series The Legend Of The Condo Heroes, Tseng says she needed a singing partner. Her original duet partner for this song was the late Roman Tam. She said: "There is this very big fan of mine called Duke, who has written me a 38-page letter saying that he practised this song for more than 20 years. He's from Thailand and he does not speak Chinese." The lucky guy was then called on stage to duet with Tseng and was he ecstatic! Tseng also performed another theme song from the TVB series Genghis Khan, with another male fan.

She reminisced about her earlier days when she toured Malaysia at the start of her career. She says: "I've been to several places here and I love to eat soon hock fish and the black noodles (Hokkien fried noodles)." She shook hands with her fans but requested that they not to be too rough because of her injury.

She serenaded the audience with three Mandarin numbers. She later performed a sexy dance segment with songs including Dancing All Night and Careless Whisper, accompanied by her back-up dancers. She even had a segment where she performed songs accompanied by traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa and erhu.

For the encore session, she introduced her band members and thanked her daughter Melody, who was the concert's costume designer and producer.

Tseng concluded the night with three more numbers and left a sea of heavy hearts with her farewell.

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