Mandopop singer Yisa Yu Kewei's 'Tiger Dad'
Fri, Feb 18, 2011

By Elrica Tanu
Newcomer Yisa Yu Kewei is as cool as a cucumber on stage, even when performing alongside veteran singers like Wakin Chau and Wu Bai, and it is all thanks to her ‘Tiger Dad’.
She told RazorTV that her father recognized her singing ability when she was young and sent her for music lessons to develop her talent. But she did not go through with them because she just wanted to have fun when she hit her teens. He was very disappointed, and since then he has not been as supportive.
"When I started to take part in singing competitions, he told me that I wouldn't make it," said Yu, who was the first among her peers to debut, after placing fourth in China’s singing competition series Super Girl in 2009.
"He believes in bringing me down so that I can grow," she added. Asked what he thought of her success now, she divulged that her achievements thus far are merely "meeting" her father’s expectations.
Such hard and driven parenting tactics made headlines recently with the release of Yale professor Amy Chua’s book, Battle Hymn of the ‘Tiger Mother’.
The singer shares what it is like to have a ‘Tiger Dad’, and how such tough love has shaped her.

  Mandopop singer Yisa Yu Kewei's 'Tiger Dad'
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