Hot dancing party with sexy Jolin


TAIWANESE singer Jolin Tsai proved to be a performer who preferred to dance her butt off, rather than waste time bantering with her audience.

Last Saturday, the dancing diva took to the stage for her Jolin Tsai Myself World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. And, boy, was she on fire.

She sang, she danced and she pirouetted to songs like Secret Agent J, Mr Q, and Love's 36 Schemes.

The 30-year-old could even consider a career as a quick-change artist, as she went through a breathtaking 10 costumes in her two-hour show.

She first appeared in a slinky silver dress with a glittery bra worn on the outside. Wolf whistles rippled through the stadium as Tsai launched into Beauty's Trap, from her latest album, Myself.

She later pranced around, clad in mini-dresses that showed off her slender legs, as she belted out dance hits like Social Butterfly and Perfect.

Tsai worked the stage with a vengeance, and took note of the reception she was getting.

During the sentimental ballad, Sky, she led the crowd in an enthusiastic singalong.

She joked, though, that she wasn't happy with their performance.

"Are you tired? I haven't been here for four years," she teased.

The audience stood up and cheered to prove that they were indeed in her thrall.

Though the crowd was hungry for news about Tsai's boyfriend, model Vivian Dawson, not a peep about him was to come from her.

Nor did she gush about her pal Stefanie Sun's wedding.

Instead, she kept her eye on the prize: Whipping the crowd up into a frenzy with her dance moves.

"Imagine that you're at your favourite club," she cooed to the crowd, in a bid to get them dancing as hard as she was.

If one thing is clear, it is that Tsai knows the power of seduction - and she used it well.

The concert ended with a medley of songs that included Wild Games, See My 72 Changes and Love Exempted. Then, jets of water sprayed from the middle of the stage - right onto Tsai.

She revelled in it, playing in the water and making sure her costume clung to her curves.

Yes, it really was tough not to let Tsai entrance. Not with an exit like that.

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