No nudity for first M'sian Playboy Bunny

FELIXIA Yeap the first Malaysian Playboy Bunny will not strip for photography.

China Press reported that the 25-year-old former kindergarten teacher said the public had a wrong perception towards the bunny girls.

"We are only waitresses and entertainers. We are not required to strip," she said.

Although she had only signed a one-month contract with the Macau Playboy Club, Yeap still has to undergo a series of training before she is qualified for the job.

"The most difficult is the serving posture.

"We are not allowed to bend our upper body forward, so we have to bend our knees, squat down slowly while holding the plate to serve the customers."

Born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Ipoh, Yeap said her mother was quite supportive of her job.

-The Star/Asia News Network