Cecilia Cheung accused of feeding eldest son canned food

Above: Cecilia Cheung with her eldest son Lucas. 

IN ANOTHER "plot development" in Hong Kong celebrity couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse's "soap opera", Cheung is accused of being a bad mother this time round.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that she has been giving canned food to her eldest son Lucas.

"She always forgets to feed her son and Lucas is forced to eat corn from a can.

"But Cheung claims her son loves to eat canned food," the report said.

It was also speculated that Gillian Chung was once the "third party" in the marriage.

The Hong Kong media had reported that Cheung's marriage to Nicholas Tse may be on the rocks following reports that Cheung had met her ex-boyfriend Edison Chen on a plane.

However, just when the rumour mill went into overdrive, news has it that they may be happily married once again and not headed for a divorce after all.

News of their divorce were rife - Cheung was reported to have moved out of their marital home at Ocean Bay with Lucas and her younger son Quintus is believed to be with Tse's mother.

Reports also claim that Tse filed for separation and Ming Pao Weekly cited an insider saying that Tse had stopped Cheung from joining him on set in Malaysia because he felt that she didn't give him 'face' when she patched up with Chen.

However, according to Sina.com, an unnamed musician friend of Tse was quoted as saying that Tse had indeed been upset with the photo that Cheung took with her former lover, but the couple has since reconciled, and are in contact with each other every day.