Cecilia wants the kids, not the money

HONG KONG - Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung would much rather have full custody of her children than get a single cent from Nicholas Tse.

This comes as a blow to Tse who apparently wants joint custody of the children.

In the latest development, which comes more than a month after news that the couple is heading for splitsville, the actress' new boss, Yu Yuk Hing, revealed that the couple have somewhat "reached a consensus".

Yu was speaking to the media on Wednesday to announce Cheung's eight-year contract with his company, The New Asia Entertainment Group. The deal is worth HK$500 million (S$77.4 million).

According to Yu, the actress, who will be starring in a new movie, The Lion Roars 2, had a showdown with Tse and told him she does not want a penny from the Tse family. "She wants only her two sons. She is able to support her two sons," he added.

Cheung, 31, and Tse, 30, have two boys, Lucas, four, and Quintus, one.

When asked about the status of the estranged couple's negotiations, Yu said: "I didn't ask directly but I know they have reached a consensus. Cecilia appears very relaxed."

It is no surprise that Cheung would want full custody of her children as she claims Tse had been largely absent from the children's lives. Even when he is home, he is on the computer, and the family would be "invisible" to him.

In previous accounts, Cheung also reportedly said: "I do not need to depend on Tse. I'm not poor. Even if I quit entertainment, I would be okay."

However, according to a report by Guang Ming Daily on July 26, Cheung had refused to sign divorce papers although she had been the one to ask Tse for it. Sources said Tse, who was not in a rush to divorce, was willing to separate for a year before signing the divorce papers.