I was not forced to strip: Amber An

Taiwanese model and singer Amber An cleared the air regarding her latest scandal in a press conference here yesterday. She was not forced to strip for a photo shoot, she said.

Last month, Taiwan's Next Magazine published a report claiming Reebok's regional manager Tony Zhao had tried to coerce the 26-year-old into shedding her clothes during the shoot.

He reportedly wanted her sprawled on the ground wearing nothing except the shoes.

An eventually rejected doing the pose.

Zhao's wife, Malaysian singer Fish Leong, was outraged by the report, and her manager accused An's camp of creating publicity for themselves.

It led to an online war between Leong's and An's supporters.

While An and her company denied they had staged the publicity stunt, the question remains - was she forced to strip?

When asked, An, who is here to promote her debut album Evil Girl, turned solemn and told The New Paper: "My agent was involved in the discussions (with Reebok) and everything went okay.

"We were all very happy during the photo shoot. I was not forced to strip."

An is no stranger to scintillating shots, having flaunted her cleavage and slender figure in many photo shoots and public appearances.

She's notorious in Taiwan for wearing only a C-string - so barely there it makes a G-string look like granny pants - on the cover of Next Magazine in 2009.

An appeared in two sexy photos for Reebok.

In one photo, she appears to be completely nude except for a pair of shoes, with her legs folded in front to protect her modesty.

In another shot, An wears a short feather skirt and a pair of shoes slung over her chest.

However, the Taiwanese media noted she has recently began covering up in TV appearances and fan meets.

At her press conference here yesterday, An was all sweet and pure in a white dress.

She has been told by her company to behave like a clean-cut idol, she told the local reporters.

But An is not about to throw her sex-bomb image away.

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