HK comedian Ricky Hui dies at 65

Above: Ricky Hui (centre) with his brothers, Michael Hui (left) and Sam Hui.

Hong Kong comedian Ricky Hui was found dead at his home on Tuesday. He was 65.

He was found at his Hong Kong home by one of his four brothers, Stanley Hui.

An Oriental Daily News report said the actor had been feeling unwell on Monday. On Tuesday, a friend visited him at his Kowloon home but nobody answered the door.

The friend then called his brother, who has a spare key to his home, the report said.

Suspected to have died of a heart attack, reports said Ricky Hui had been wearing a pacemaker and was found collapsed on his bed.

His dealth was confirmed by his friend, director Clifton Ko. Ko wrote on his Facebook that he was thankful to Hui for the happy days they spent on screen, set and stage, and that he would miss Hui.

The veteran actor was famous for his funny films in the 1970s and 1980s. Over the course of his 40-year showbiz career, he had appeared in some 30 films. Notable hits include Mr Vampire in 1985 and The Haunted Copshop in 1987.

However, he never reached the heights of fame of his brothers, eldest brother writer-director Michael, 69, and baby brother songwriter-singer Sam, 63.

Hui was also quite a popular singer, and had released seven albums prior to his death.

Hui was born to an amateur musician and a Cantonese opera enthusiast in Guangzhou on Aug 3, 1946.

The family moved to Hong Kong in 1950. After graduation from high school, Hui worked as an office boy before attending acting class and becoming a small-time actor. He later shot to fame by starring in his brother Michael's films.

Besides the brothers, Hui also had a sister, Judy. He never married, but was said to have a Japanese girlfriend, who later broke up with him.