He was attracted to her charisma and knew immediately after meeting her that she was perfect to play the lead role in The 33D Invader.

Wu had reportedly beat Chinese model Mavis Pan to get the role. Pan enjoyed brief fame last year when photos of her in bed with popular Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam surfaced.

Whatever Wu's motives were to star in the erotic movie, whether she makes it big remains to be seen.

The 33D Invader made about HK$3million (S$498,000) in Hong Kong, which is good money, said the spokesman from Shaw Organisation.

Interest in Wu peaked a month after The 33D Invader was released in Hong Kong when she received more than 100 responses to most of her postings in Weibo.

But now, news about her has dwindled since the movie ended its run in cinemas there.

Not exactly Shu Qi

Wu's trajectory is vast contrast to Chin's former muse, Shu Qi, who propelled to stardom after starring in Chin's erotic film, Sex and Zen 2, in 1996.

Chin made a name for himself making skin flicks like The Fruit Is Swelling (1997); Naked Poison (2000); The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks (2008) and its sequel the following year.

In The 33D Invader, Wu plays Future, a woman who travels from the year 2046 to 2011 in search of a healthy man to impregnate her because the entire male population had become sterile due to alien radiation.

Future sets her eyes on college boy Lawrence (Chen Jun Yan) and their frolicking turns schoolmate Jeana (Japanese adult video actress Akiho Yoshizawa) green, so she decides to seduce Lawrence too.

Meanwhile, two evil aliens (Japanese adult video actor Taka "Hand Of God" Kato and Hsueh Ya-Wen) travel back in time to try to thwart Future's plans.

The flick is a loose remake of the 1993 Hong Kong erotic hit Crazy Love, which starred sweetie-pie actress Loletta Lee in a career-changing role.

Both movies share the same Chinese title Mi Tao Cheng Shu Shi, which literally means "when the peach is ripe".

The 33D Invader also features three other babes, Chen Chih-Ying, Lee Ko-Chu and Monna Lam.

Director Chin told Shangdu Entertainment that the movie is highly scintillating and on average "features one nude scene every six minutes".

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