Love rules: Diana Danielle & Farid Kamil

It may be hard to believe, but top Malaysian actors Diana Danielle and Farid Kamil are shy couple.

In fact, the megawatt couple tried to draw an "invisible line" between them when The Daily Chilli visited them on the film set of Hantu Gangster in Klang, Selangor.

Both are strictly professional, as they landed plum roles in the buzzworthy action comedy - directed by controversial Malaysian rapper/actor, Namewee.

"Please don't," an upset Diana told off our intrepid photographer, SS Kanesan, who managed to capture a candid shot of her putting finishing touches to Farid's hair when no eyes were watching.

So he left her alone to fend off questions on juicy bits about their two-year romance.

"We've talked about marriage," Diana admitted. "But we're not getting married."

Not just yet. 'Coz she's only 20.

He's 30 by the way.

"I haven't finished my studies. I'm saving up to do either a degree in psychology or film studies in the US," Diana said.

There's also a cross-over project with R&B superstar Akon that's buzzing in her mind.

"I'm giving myself a year to finish my international debut album," the budding singer enthused. "I'm taking my own time 'coz I don't like to do things half-heartedly."