Teen actor flamed for video dissing CNY

We not Naughty child actor Amos Yee has come under fire for, well, being naughty.

A 1min 40sec video titled Chinese New Year that he uploaded on YouTube last Sunday has enraged some netizens with its supposed disrespectful content.

In the video - which has attracted more than 150,000 views - the 14-year-old gives his satirical take on how Chinese New Year came about.

The clip has made its way to various blogs and online news website Stomp.

American accent

Yee first found fame last year through The New Paper's inaugural short film competition FiRST Film Fest, where he won both the Best Actor and Best Short Film awards for his film Jan, a controversial yet witty entry about a boy desperately trying to cajole his three friends to help a girl who has cancer.

In all his videos, he speaks in a thick American accent even though he comes from a traditional Chinese family and grew up in Singapore.

From there, local director Jack Neo cast him in a supporting role in his latest movie We Not Naughty, which is showing here.

Amos said in the Chinese New Year video: "Hey America has a new year and we don't have one so let's quickly copy that idea and then make it a festive season for us.

"After all we've been copying America for food, cars, machines and other stuff so no harm doing it here.

"Make the most creative name for the copy of the new year, we'll call it CHINESE New Year."

Amos also mocked the origins of the zodiac and joked about how children should be given a one-month holiday for Chinese New Year.

There are already 4,000 comments on the YouTube page, with some of them spouting profanities and demanding that Amos apologise for his "blatant ignorance".

Wrote ethanliew1992: "This kid needs to apologise. You're a kid who knows nothing and yet simply accused our race.

"Go read more books and get your facts right!"

Others even went so far as to ask people to boycott We Not Naughty.

In the film, Amos plays lead actor Joshua Ang's younger brother - a model child who speaks perfect American-accented English, much like the character that Amos plays in his videos.

Wrote darrendelong: "Boycott Jack Neo's movie with Amos Yee in it for him being a (expletive)."

Some even blamed Amos' parents for not "keeping him in check".

But Amos did say near the end of his video that it was a "fake representation".

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