S'pore duo spend $1,700 for K-pop girls' T-shirts

SINGAPORE - The two male Singaporean K-pop fans paid a total of $1,700 for a set of two T-shirts each that their idols had worn.

The T-shirt they most coveted was the one worn by Jieun, one of the four sexy lasses in Secret.

Except there was no way to tell which one was hers, and who got whose.

Student Bryan Gan and public servant Mr Cheng Xun had stunned the 1,200-strong crowd who attended the Secret and B.A.P fan meeting at IMM yesterday evening with their auction bids.

Their winning bids even shocked the members of Secret, including Hyosung, Zinger, and Sunhwa, aged 21 to 22.

Proceeds went to the Association for Persons with Special Needs.

There were two sets of similar prizes up for grabs - each set included two T-shirts worn and signed by two Secret members and a pinhole camera that had been used by them.

But which T-shirt belonged to which member?

The quandary frustrated both Bryan and Mr Cheng, who had read about the auction on Facebook a few months ago and were gunning for one special T-shirt.

"Jieun (because she is the cutest/sexiest/hottest)!", both men replied when asked which piece of fabric they had been willing to fork out close to a $1,000 each for.

However, no one was the wiser by the end of the night. Mr Cheng knew only that one of his T-shirts was Hyosung's as she had pointed that out on stage.

Said Mr Cheng, 27, who paid $900: "I had come prepared to pay up to $1,000 for Jieun's T-shirt. Now I guess we'll never know if I got it or not.

"I thought they would accept credit cards so I didn't bring cash with me. Now I'll have to find an ATM machine and draw out the $900 before I can claim the T-shirts and camera.

"But all in all, it was money well spent. My heartbeat started going very fast when the bid price was pushed up past $700, it was a real roller-coaster ride."

Both diehard K-pop fans have been admirers of Secret for almost a year and said they intended to frame the T-shirts up.

Said Temasek Polytechnic student Bryan, 17, who paid $800 for his prize: "I was still an O-level graduate when I started saving to make sure I won Jieun's T-shirt a few months back.

"It took me about three months to save up the $800 and I brought it here in cash today.

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