Belly sexy dancing

Six years ago, Zoe Tay bared her tummy on the same show, Bollywood-style, and wowed viewers with her defined abdominals.

Last night, history outdid itself when seven MediaCorp actresses performed the sexiest item on the Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show 2012 - belly dancing.

The show was shown live over Channel 8.

Michelle Chia, Ann Kok, Joanne Peh, Hong Huifang, Kym Ng, Belinda Lee and Constance Song were the stars of the night with their tantalising item.

Dressed in flirty, sheer costumes that showed off their midriffs, they shook their torsos and bellies with aplomb.

Sexy was redefined as they proved that age and tummy size didn't matter in the charity stakes.

Kok told The New Paper: "I think that the most beautiful thing that a belly dancer could have is a round tummy.

"When you shake it, people can see your form and the dance will look really good.

"So instead of dieting before the performance, I actually ate more, hoping to gain weight around the middle."

But the svelte lass still weighed only 44kg after all the eating and laughed when she recalled that the extra food actually made her belly harder to move.

For their efforts, the belly dancers raked in a total of $15,935 for their four-minute dance.

But it was 80s Taiwanese singer Su Rui who raked in the largest amount of money - $271,110 - after singing three songs.

Donations collected for the entire show came up to $5.16 million.

The last show in 2010 raised $4m.

Chia, another one of the dancers who sported a perfectly flat stomach, admitted that the women had to get over the embarrassment of wearing a sexy costume - even with each other.

She said: "The first time we had our dress rehearsal, we were very, very shy with each other and had to become comfortable with each other first.

"I'm not used to baring my midriff at all and how we got over it was (by) looking at ourselves in the mirror and then at each other.

"We definitely bonded as now we're constantly chatting over WhatsApp Messenger group chat. Like now, we're deciding where we're going to go for supper."

But it wasn't all a bed of roses for the enthusiastic dancers.

Peh suffered bruises on both knees as she had to kneel on the floor for her solo segment.

She said: "When you hear the audience screaming, then you know what you're doing is working and worth it.

"The attitude that I brought into this was just 'don't think and let go', I even ate a packet of rice just before we danced as I needed the energy."

Hong revealed that while she had taken a year to learn the craft, it was all worth it as her husband, actor Zheng Geping, "loves it".

She said: "He always says that I look very sexy while belly dancing and was very surprised that I could actually do it. My biggest fear was that I was balancing a 2kg chandelier on the top of my head, I was worried it would fall off, luckily it didn't."

The male artistes also gave the belly dancers a good run for their money - in the form of their six packs.

The opening item for the show was a martial arts performance by Vincent Ng, Romeo Tan, Yuan Shuai and Darryl Yong who took off their shirts halfway through.

Donations can still be made in the nominations of $5, $15, $50 and $100 (or more) and donation hotlines are open until April 8.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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