Wolf ratted out by rival?

It was an elimination that no one expected. Supermodelme 3 contestant Lynn Yang Wolf (right) was booted out in the third episode of the reality TV modelling series, which was aired yesterday at 10pm on Channel 5.

The series, filmed in Singapore, is also showing on KIX (StarHub Ch 518) every Tuesday at 10pm. The 22-year-old Nanyang Technological University undergrad wasn't kicked out because she fared poorly but because she broke the rules.

She had sneaked out of the models' house to go home for an hour. The Hong Kong-born German-Myanmar beauty said she took a chance because she wanted a break from the catfights. Was she played out by a fellow contestant?

Yang Wolf, who is studying digital film-making, told The New Paper: "There was another model who told me that she really wanted to go out of the house for a while, and another who said she wanted to go drinking.

"I thought it would have been unsafe to go clubbing, so I thought why not go back to my house? That would be safe.

"But as another model and I left, my companion said she was hungry and wanted to return to the models' house to make herself a sandwich."

Yang Wolf claimed: "She then went on to snitch on us to the show's producers."

When she returned to the models' house after her home visit, she was shocked to find the other contestants awake.

While she was away, the show producers had been told of what she did, and they met to discuss her fate.

The models were split into two camps. Some felt she should be eliminated straight away, others felt she should be given a second chance.

Taking a leaf from popular reality TV show Survivor, the producers left it to the remaining eight competitors to decide.

So voting took place shortly after Yang Wolf returned.

And within the hour, she was sent packing.

Said Yang Wolf: "I was shocked to get eliminated. But thinking about it, I wouldn't have wanted to stay in the house and have the girls dislike you either.

"The drama that you will see on the show is real. It happens off camera as well.

"There were so many different personalities in the house that it was stressful because not everyone got along.

"Of course, in retrospect, if I knew that I would be eliminated from the competition for sneaking out, I would never have done it."

She added that she knew it was against competition rules to leave the models' house and admitted that she didn't think she would get caught.

Ms Karen Seah, the executive producer of Supermodelme, said of Yang Wolf's actions and subsequent elimination: "We were shocked and disappointed because we felt that Lynn had a lot of potential and could have made it to the top five...

"I don't think Lynn's career will be affected by this as she's young and this show is precisely the platform to learn all about being a model - and that entails living and getting along with other models.

"The girls come to this show to be toughened up and Lynn will learn from this."

Double shock

Created by local production company Refinery Media, Supermodelme pits 12 aspiring models from all over Asia against one another for a $20,000 prize and the chance to grace the covers of local leading fashion magazines.

For Yang Wolf, her axing was not the worse news she received that night. She had spent the unsanctioned hour-long visit at home crying after she was told that her pet cat was dead.

She said: "My cat is my life. I was devastated.

"I was on the phone with my boyfriend the week before, but he didn't dare mention it to me as he didn't want to upset me when I was still in the competition.

"He said that my cat was so depressed when I was away that it stopped eating."


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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