Singapore jazz singer Nathan Hartono loves to play games

SINGAPORE - Local jazz singer Nathan Hartono loves to play games, even if it's just to kill time.

The 21-year-old told The New Paper: "The simplest games, like (tile-matching puzzle game) Bejeweled, are sometimes the ones with the best game mechanisms that keep you playing for hours."

A 2005 Teenage Icon singing competition winner who has three albums to his name, he has previously performed at the annual Mosaic Music Festival, the 2008 National Day Parade and the 2009 Asian Youth Games.

The Chinese Indonesian crooner also performed the role of Melchoir in the recent musical Spring Awakening.

He is now recording a self-produced EP here that will be completed by June, although he is undecided about its name.


Hartono also uses the Werdsmith writing app on his iPad 2 when composing lyrics.

"It keeps track of little details like word count and the percentage of song completion, which sounds little but is a big help."

He writes his lyrics on paper before transferring them to Werdsmith. "That way, it has a more tangible feel."

Puma Faas Beats

Hartono is finding two of his loves - music and games - in a new music rhythm game by Puma. Titled Puma Faas Beats, it's available on Android devices, Facebook and all Windows platforms.

He's the Opinion Leader (Music) of Puma Faas Beats Campaign 2012, which aims to promote the Puma Spring/Summer 2012 Faas shoes collection to young people through alternative avenues such as music and gaming, as opposed to the traditional route of the fashionrunway.

Players choose their favourite pair of Puma Faas running shoes and select a music track. Once the game begins, they must control their "running" experience in the game while keeping to the tempo of the music.

Hartono said: "The game has a really good mix of tunes, ranging from upbeat genres like electronic dance music and heavy metal to K-pop melodies.

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