More than just a pretty face

SINGAPORE - You could be forgiven for thinking of Colette Wong as a mere pretty face on the ESPN STAR Sports S-League "live" match presentation.

This is, after all, her first stint with the S-League.

But Wong, 37, knows her local football, and talks about it with a refreshing zest.

So, even though she is a rose among the thorns in a male-dominated industry, discrimination is the least of her worries.

She said: "I grew up with the S-League.

"I've loved it since 1996. Back then, I was a Woodlands Wellington fan.

"This year, when I was asked to cover the S-League, I was delighted.

"I don't feel the pressure as a female presenter. Everyone in Singapore is nice.

"Also, I make sure I do my background research before I touch on any topic, so that the people around me are aware that I know what I am talking about."

Wong comes with a wealth of experience, too, having covered numerous international tournaments, such as tennis' Australian Open, and is the current anchor for ESPN's popular sports news programme Sports Center.

So, the veteran presenter, who is Singaporean through and through, has been around long enough to recognise sporting quality when she sees it.

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