"I became such a big fan of theirs, and when I heard that they wanted to collaborate as well, I was so excited," said Lott.

Though the dance and hip-hop elements of K-pop are what she fell for initially, the collaboration is more of an R&B ballad, with G-Dragon and T.O.P. handling rapping duties.

"They have a great dance vibe, but I think it was cool for us to do something a little bit different," said Lott. "I think it shows their fans something different as well."

Though she met the boys in Japan during the Spring Groove festival earlier this month , she's never been to Korea, and plans to swing by after her trip to Singapore.

"I've never been to Singapore, but I'm so excited to meet the Cats," she said, referring of course to the legions of Lott fans she's nicknamed Crazy Cats (she's got a thing for kitties).

Apart from rehearsing, Lott revealed she's already been back in the studio to work on new songs.

The next album will have more of the soul and old-school Motown that she grew up with, though she promised she won't be ignoring the pop and dance sound that have been the mainstays of her chart-topping singles like Boys and Girls and Turn It Up.

"While I was writing the second album, I was really inspired by Chris Brown's song Beautiful People," she said. "It has such an uplifting, feel-good vibe that I wanted to go for, too."

No news on whether the third album will feature more exciting collaborations like her sophomore one, which, in addition to the Big Bang boys, also contains collaborations with Stevie Wonder, John Legend and rapper Pusha T, featured on the single What Do You Take Me For?

The collaboration with Wonder and Legend , called Stevie On The Radio, was an "organic" one, said Lott.

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