Their cold kiss warms screens

She slaps him, rips his shirt off and then passionately kisses him.

And it's in this memorable scene from new Korean horror rom-com My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts where lead actors Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki first sow the seeds of their characters' tumultuous romance.

What seemed like a case of tough love acted out on the big screen was actually a rather comical scene on the set for the Korean beauty.

Son, 30, told The New Paper in an e-mail interview: "We filmed the kissing scene in what felt like -100 deg C weather.

"After Min Ki kissed me, I had to find a way to keep the vapour from coming out of my mouth. So I had to keep ice cubes in my mouth.

"I couldn't stop laughing after ripping his shirt off and having to kiss him, so we had trouble shooting that scene."

She added that she was not inhibited while filming as she had done countless kissing scenes in shows such as A Moment to Remember, April Snow and The Art of Seduction.

In My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts, which opens here on May 10, Son plays a self-imposed outcast (Yeo-ri) who has resigned herself to being alone because anyone she gets close to will be haunted by a female ghost.

Although Lee's character - he plays magician Jo-goo - is frightened out of his wits by the supernatural encounters, he just can't keep away from Yeo-ri.

Naturally, with such a good-looking co-star, one would expect sparks to fly between the pair. Son said: "Min Ki is awesome! His mature side also makes him all the more alive and attractive. "I find it very funny that I must have torn quite a few of his shirts (during filming)."

However, it was the finale that was much harder for her to film than the kissing scene.

Son's character had to be underwater while keeping her eyes open and holding her breath.

And the experience of reel life mimicking real life was the most harrowing of all. Like her character who can see ghosts, Son claimed that she, too, had this ability in real life.

She said she had to move out of her house as she had supernatural encounters which had given her nightmares.

Said Son: "Realistically, (unlike Min Ki's character) I think I'd be too scared to stay by someone who can see ghosts."

"After Min Ki kissed me, I had to find a way to keep the vapour from coming out of my mouth. So I had to keep ice cubes in my mouth." - Son Ye Jin (above)

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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