Yeo's bumper year - with baby and Top 10 finish

It has been something of an bumper year for actor-host Ben Yeo.

Besides his second child Jarius' birth on Saturday, the 33-year-old secured a placing in the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes category at the MediaCorp Star Awards 2012 for the first time.

He also featured in the Channel 8 drama Rescue 995 and the travelogue Quaint, where he had a very heartwarming reunion with a Korean granny whom he had previously visited.

Yeo will also be involved in two dramas.

He said: "Life has treated me really well this year. Getting into the Top 10 is a dream come true.

"Audiences have (always) recognised me as a host, but I do enjoy acting and I'll work really hard to bring both my acting and hosting sides to the forefront."

Yeo also revealed his immense relief at the uneventful pregnancy his wife Claudia Cheong had with Jarius, unlike the tumultuous time she had while bearing their first son Javier.

"When she was pregnant with Javier, her water bag broke prematurely and she ended up in labour for about 12 hours. Javier was also born three weeks premature.

"For Jarius, she was only in labour for about an hour in total. Jarius was actually supposed to come out last Sunday, but I guess he couldn't wait any longer."

Yeo said that Hong Kong TV actor Kevin Cheng, who is Javier's godfather, would take on the same role for Jarius.

Yeo added that he was touched that Cheng took the time to send a text message of congratulations despite his busy schedule.

Yeo is keeping himself busy too.

He is considering launching a cookbook, which will include recipes from his in-laws and tips picked up from Madam Huang.

"It'll also have some of my own concoctions, particularly those that will teach people how to prepare anutritious meal for their children.

"The publishers, with whom I'm still in talks, have told me that it's best I produce a cookbook with a recipe for everybody and that most people can relate to."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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