Mandopop singer Freya Lim out of the rut

Many may not know but Freya Lim's (Lin Fan) on-off presence in the Mandopop scene is not her choice.

After releasing two albums to wide acclaim, she signed on with Linfair Records in 2002, and what followed was a long period of self-doubt and frustration for the Taiwan-born Malaysian singer.

Her third album took five years to hit the shelves, as her producers felt there was no character in her voice. It also did not help that she was overshadowed by contemporaries like Jay Chou, Stefanie Sun and Penny Tai, who were all immensely popular with young Mandopop fans.

Despondent, Freya left to pursue a master's degree in Applied Communication at Boston University in 2007: "I just wanted to start a new chapter in my life and moved away from music. I wanted to sing, but singing has been making me unhappy."

During the five-year wait, she also tried her hand at hosting radio shows and producing English news to remain occupied. But the 32-year-old eventually returned to show business when renowned Taiwanese producer Jim Lee got her to perform a track for star-studded basketball drama Hot Shot (2008).

Next, she lent her voice to the theme songs of relationship drama The Fierce Wife (2010), and with the success of the drama, her pop career sprang back to life. The queen of heartrending ballads went on to cut two more albums, and recently made an appearance in Singapore - her first time in 11 years - to promote her latest album. Catch the more confident Freya on RazorTV.

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