Catfight turns into tigress war

A catfight between two actresses is about to turn into a full-scale tigress war involving a third starlet!

After weeks of Twitter she said, she said, something even more dramatic could happen now that could be the turning point in a saga involving Neelofa of Azura movie fame and Anzalna who stars in the upcoming Sepah, The Movie. Neelofa, 23, will hold a press conference today (June 13) to address their bickering.

The trouble began in April when actress Tasha Shilla beat Neelofa to win the Best New Artiste Award at the Anugerah Bintang Popular. A miffed Neelofa reportedly tweeted that the 25-year-old Tasha didn't deserve her win. An even more miffed Tasha retaliated in the press, refuting Neelofa's claim.


Then another actress, Anzalna, was dragged into the party. Anzalna, 24, told the press that Neelofa had verbally abused her family and even set up a Kami Benci Anzalna Facebook page. (Anzalna met Neelofa during the Dewi Remaja 2010 beauty competition. Anzalna was a finalist while Neelofa bagged the top spot.)

Neelofa tweeted in retaliation: "Nothing in this dunya is in our hands, that Allah cannot take from us and so jgn fikir memfitnah dan menjatuhkan orang lain dalam surat khabar adalah sebaik baik jalan penyelesaian. I know where I stand and as for the truth. I will do it the official way.

The tweet has since been removed. As William Congreve, the dead poet, once said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Yesterday (June 12), actress Izara Aishah reluctantly spoke out on the catfight between Neelofa and Anzalna, both of whom she met during Dewi Remaja 2010.

Izara, 20, hasn't spoken personally to either women about their tiff, but told reporters that she doesn't understand it and that they should consider its impact on their careers before saying anything more damaging. As it stands, Neelofa, Anzalna and Tasha are all under investigation by the disciplinary panel at artiste body Seniman, which could result in them getting fewer jobs, reported MStar.

One particularly inventive Twitter suggestion from a fan of the actresses was for the three of them to settle their dispute in an amicable mud fight. We'll want tickets to that, thanks!

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