Win a ride on the flyer with ex-boyfriend stars


Jia Le (mio TV Ch 88)

Saturdays and Sundays, 7pm

Old flames are a pesky lot.

I don't know about anyone else but, to me, they fall into the category of "dead and buried".

The Taiwanese drama Ex-Boyfriend poses this question: What would you do when a cheating ex resurfaces as (drum roll) your subordinate?

There is one answer - take revenge.

That is what project manager Lin Chun Jiao (played by the cutesy Gina Li) gleefully decides to do, when her philandering but essentially good-hearted former boyfriend Lai Zhi Ming (Tony Yang, right) is hired to be her assistant.

What follows is a myriad of hilarity ensuing from malicious spite (on her part) to bewildered fumbling (on his part) as he tries to please her.

If you want to enjoy an hour- long ride with either Li, Yang or fellow co-star Jerry Huang on the Singapore Flyer, here's how.

Share one thing about your ex and choose the artist you would like to spend the evening with.

E-mail your response to along with your contact details.

The contest ends next Friday.

Eight participants will be shortlisted and three winners will be chosen at Bugis+ on July 14.

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