Is Sasha 'Elite' heading for divorce?

Is this break-up season? Sasha Saidin, former member of the '90s girl group Elite, attended the East Gombak Syariah Subordinate Court recently to get divorce papers and set a 16th July court date.

Sasha, who was accompanied by her mother, said she would use legal channels to resolve the family issue. "I come here to settle personal matters. I refused to comment further. We hope that you understand my request. It is very personal to explain," she told reporters.

Sasha, 36, and her Indonesian husband SalyoPriyanto, 37, were wedded in 2007 and have a three-year-old son, Adam Aryasenna Notosoemarsono. She was previously married to Johan Abdullah (Jason) Skinner, in 2003, but they separated after four years.

Meanwhile, two other Elite members got re-married this year: Azza got hitched to AirAsia steward Azlan Zulaily in April, while Watie tied the knot with Exist vocalist Zulkifli Daud in May. Both were their second shots at marriage.

Pop girl group Elite had a massive hit in the '90s with G.I.G. To watch the video go here

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