Movie review: The Four

Movie still: The Four

It's not only in The Twilight Saga where you see a hot werewolf. The Chinese have one in this thrilling wuxia drama, too.

Chinese actor Deng Chao plays an undercover agent who infiltrates a rival department to sabotage a counterfeiting investigation.

There, he discovers an even darker secret.

Like Taylor Lautner, Deng Chao also grows sharp teeth when he gets angry. But he has more luck with the ladies, with both female leads having a thing for him.

The action scenes are exciting, but there are so few of them. The plot just goes from one mystery to another.

Thankfully, the standard wuxia characters are there, like the chivalrous swordsman and that baddie who is so evil that you don't feel sorry for him.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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